Body Language of Dog

When the dog shows his belly, it is a sign of submission and trust, this gesture indicates that the animal knows who is the alpha and you fully trust because he knows you will not hurt him. We must not forget that this attitude denotes a high vulnerability, so it is a way for the animal to tell you that he feels comfortable with you.

But do you know why do dogs like to have their belly rubbed? If you’ve ever wondered, keep reading this article.

You can very well build a canine relationship based on nice words and various treats, but nothing will replace a caress on the head. This physical contact is maintained between puppies and their mothers, so you need to mimic it as best you can.

If it is a friendly gesture, you can also use it as a teaching tool. Scratching is a good way to reward your dog, and it’s less caloric than a treat. Be careful though, like sugar, the caress can be harmful at high doses. If you spend your days pampering your pet, he may become attached to you and not want to leave you, to the point of being extremely anxious as soon as you leave.

If you reward him too often, he will feel superior and risk adopting bad behavior.

The caress of the belly is feasible only on docile dogs, who already accept your role as master. If not, this gesture could be considered an attack. If he agrees, the caress on the stomach reassures the dog is an ultimate reward, a way to remind him that you love him deeply. Independent dogs also like these caresses, but if you abuse them, they will consider you inferior.

Be very careful! The dog can get on his back for many reasons. Maybe he’s scared, or he feels assaulted. In both cases, this gesture means that he wants to defuse the situation. Showing his belly, a sensitive area means that he submits and does not wish to fight. If you find the dog tense, sad or nervous, avoid stroking.

For example, avoid scratching their stomach after scolding it, that would mean that you accept its ceasefire, and you are asking for inferiority.

Do not stroke your dog’s belly if he looks nervous or scared. The animal’s reaction can be unpredictable and it is best to wait until it calms down and has confidence in you to do it.

To caress a dog, you need him and you feel comfortable, that’s why when you want to pet a dog you do not know, it’s important to let an animal come near you and feel at home. comfortable with your presence, before caressing him. Start by caressing their back, head, or behind your ears, but if you notice that the animal is reluctant, immediately stop stroking it.

If you do not know the dog well, always caress it gently and never abruptly or you could share it. The pets react well to the sudden caresses of their masters when they are accustomed to it if you do not know the dog, it’s another story and you have to be careful.

Do not pound your dog because the dog will not appreciate this gesture, he preferred that you gently stroke it with your fingers or that you massage his back or stomach gently, it will benefit much more from this gesture. Avoid punishment, especially by hitting them with plywood or any other hard object, it will make your dogs more aggressive.