How To Choose Plywood

Need to do work inside or outside? Let’s discover the plywood boards, what is the use of plywood? How to choose your plywood panels and what are the criteria to study for the purchase of your plywood?

What is the price of a plywood board?

How to buy your plywood?

How to buy your plywood?

What types of plywood are commercially available? The plywood is released in different types according to its uses: plywood CTB-X, CTB-H or CTB-S.

Plywood Selection Factor

Before you buy it, you must compare the purchase criteria to your needs and which will influence the purchase price. So, make sure to choose according to:

The type of plywood: maritime pine is the most widespread
The thickness of the plywood: you will generally find a thickness of plywood ranging from 5 mm to 22mm,
Use for outdoor or indoor use: standard or wet? Why do you need plywood panels?

Type of bonding :

Class 1 urea-formaldehyde bonding: dry interior wood.
Class 2 gluing based on phenol-formaldehyde: moist indoor plywood,
College of class 3 based on formaldehyde: plywood for the exterior. The fire resistance, The class of appearance: with or without knot marks?

Choose the aesthetics of your plywood plate with the standard EN 635-1 to 4.

A grade 1 plywood will have a maximum aesthetic appearance while 4 will be marked with knots.

How to cut it

Of course, you will need to cut the wood. There are a few different options available when it comes to table saws. I personally like the Bosch 4100-09 but it’s up to you really.