Tips For Your First Date


The first meeting is often the big leap into the unknown. But no way to know what will happen to this first contact. Is he as charming as he looks, is there anything interesting to say? And what should I say or not to say? Do I need to reveal myself too much? The dosage is subtle. This article will give you the keys to a successful first date, which will lead in most cases to a deeper encounter.

Here are some common etiquette on your first date:

1.) Before you even leave your home, you must make sure you are on top. Are your clothes clean, and ironed?  Have you cleaned your nails, your teeth? Brushed your hair? We only have one chance to make a good first impression. So make sure you have done everything before going on your first date.

2.) When you arrive, turn off your cell phone, or put it in silent mode. There is nothing more impolite than a telephone ring, or worse, to answer in the middle of the meal or to send SMS. If you absolutely must call, apologize, go to the bathroom and discreetly make your phone call. That does not mean you can stay there for fifteen minutes. You also can not go to the bathroom every ten minutes (your appointment will then think you are not digesting anything.)

3.) Be polite and stay there all night long. Nobody likes someone rude or arrogant. Being condescending with the staff is the fastest method for the other person to quickly hate your company.

4.) When the dishes arrive, eat with your mouth closed. This rule has been well taught to most people during childhood, and to see an adult disobeying it and speaking with one’s mouth full at the entrance is almost sacrilege. Never do it! Finish your bite before expressing yourself.

5.) Maybe we are a little old-fashioned, but we still believe that men must pay the first meeting unless the woman really insists on doing it. This gesture, far from proving that women cannot pay the bill, shows that man is gallant and mature. If a man asks the woman to pay, it is likely that he will never see her again.

6.) Do not drink too much. Nobody likes people who lose control, the risk is great to make a bad impression.

7.) If you are not very talkative, find in advance topics of discussion, there is nothing more embarrassing than silence during a first meeting, and you two looking at other couples around, more natural than you. It’s important to make eye contact with your date so that it feels unique.

One last thing, it is important to find common interests, so avoid discussing religion or politics, you may have different opinions. Leave these topics for later!